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Photography Services

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Photographer for hire

in and around Salt Lake City

As a photographer, I deliver my customers high quality work at a reasonable rate, striving to capture unique imagery for each client. This is complemented with a focus on ensuring companies and clients are satisfied with the merging of their vision and my creative finished product. 

Despite my passion for and commitment to the ski season, my photography work isn’t limited to winter or to action photography. I am available for year-round work, and have a wide range of photography experience.

You may be looking for a lively event photographer, someone to shoot photos of your hotel or business, maybe a family photo shoot, product or food photography, or even someone to help provide prints in your home or business.

I'd love to work with you on creating a shoot to fit your needs.

Rocko Menzyk

Mobile    206-755-7452

Email     menzyk.rocko@gmail.com

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