Meet Rocko Menzyk

I am Rocko Menzyk, a freelance photographer based in Alta, Utah and specializing in action sports photography.  I currently work at Alta Ski Area, so I am always outdoors and seeking the best angles for shots in nature.  My artistic interests include outdoor sports, capturing landscapes, lifestyle and people, and things that make us stop and realize how incredible where we live is.  I am fortunate to have great working relationships with local companies including DPS Skis, Mindshift Gear, and Giro Snow Mountain Division.  I love being a freelance photographer because I am able to make unique, but mutually beneficial, service agreements.

Photographer available for hire

Feel free to give me a call or submit a contact form on this site if you are looking for an ambitious photographer with a wide range of styles and experience.  I am usually available for seasonal deals, as well as hourly and daily rates based on what photographer services you are interested in.  I have been in Utah for 4 winters and each year I continue to get out and ski with professional riders.  Working with Alta has put me in a fantastic place to make connections with like-minded individuals and businesses.


  • Cirque Series
  • Snowbird
  • Alta Lounge
  • Snowpine Lodge
  • Stevens Pass Parks
  • The Rock Wood Fire Kitchen
  • Ski Utah
  • DPS Skis
  • Fat Tire Brewery
  • Giro Snow Mountain Division
  • Whisper Ridge Utah
  • Ski City
  • Deviation Works
  • Mindshift Gear
“I enjoy authentic relationships with my clients. I am efficient & easy to work with, and know I've succeeded when a customer returns for more services.”
Rocko Menzyk

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